Universities have historically been catalysts for social change and economic development and the role of a university is not just to award degree but to help the marginalized youth to get into the social and political mainstream, said the Vice Chancellor University of Okara Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar while addressing to his faculty here yesterday. 

Dr Zakar, who himself is a social scientist of international repute, argued that universities must make special arrangements to educate young girls, especially those who hail from relegated sections of the society. He told that the factors like family status, economic capacity and gender must not be hurdles to get into the university. 

The VC further said, “We can increase women’s age at marriage and decrease the infant and maternal mortality by educating our young girls.”

Dr Zakar also appraised his faculty on the latest processes and techniques of blended learning and urged the teachers to incorporate the advanced information and communication technologies into their teaching methods in order to cope with the challenges of the post-COVID world. 


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