Modern information technology has opened new vistas of international engagements of youth in academic and cultural sphere, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic and consequential switching from on-campus learning to e-learning have proved the fact that our youth is capable of using modern information technology in a positive and constructive way, said the Vice Chancellor University of Okara Prof Dr Muhammad ZakriaZakar while talking to his faculty.

He told, “Unfortunately, our universities have not yet focused on this crucial aspect of globalization.  The government’s decision to establish university in each district is a welcome and visionary step but this decision should no way reduce the status and stature of university to an ordinary organization”.

He elaborated that characteristically, university is an international organization having international profile and it must have global outreach to create and disseminate ideas.

“University must have global connections and capacity and commitment to engage with contemporary debates and discussions. If university is just delivering lectures to students in class rooms and distributing degrees, it is not a university”, said the VC.

He argued that globalization demands that student must be well versed with global issues and has the capacity to be a part of global culture.

DrZakar further told that it was high time that universities align students with global culture and connect youth with the global academic and social discourse in order to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.


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