The flour and sugar mafias have shown ‘Tabdeeli’ to people by increasing the prices :Jawad Ahmad


LAHORE: Chairman Barabri Party Pakistan Jawad Ahmad has said that in the first week after Imran Khan’s announcement to take notice against inflation till now, the flour and sugar mafias have shown ‘Tabdeeli’ to people by increasing the price of flour by Rs 5 and bread by Rs 2. From time when Pakistan was founded till 2018, the price of flour had reached up to Rs 35 while in the last two years of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government it has reached Rs 88. He said that today the stoves of people’s houses in Pakistan have extinguished. People are unemployed and are no longer able to pay their gas and electricity bills. Even medicines are out of reach of people and now the all-party elite has taken up the task of resolving their issues under the slogan of people’s rights which has been rejected by the workers, peasants and laborers. He said this during a meeting with party workers. He further said that Barabri Party is working with its available resources to save the people from inflation and self-inflicted crises. Our perspective and point of view is rapidly gaining ground that as long as the common people, the workers, farmers and students don’t step into politics for the sake of their rights, the elite will not recognize their rights. Faces will keep changing till then but system will not change. In fact, the solution to the problems lies in changing this elitist system.


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