SUKKUR: Leader of the Pakistan Democratic Movement Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Thursday said that at present there was a state of anxiety throughout the country. There is no such thing as a government, the administrative structure is scattered, he claimed.The response of the Sindh Police is a sign that water has passed under the bridge, the supremacy of invisible forces is no longer acceptable. He said that if the NAB suspends the bail of opposition leaders in fake references and arrests them under a conspiracy, the PDM will turn into jail. He said that the CEPC Authority has been exempted from any accountability, so NAB has no right to hold accountability of others.Speaking along with Moulana Rashid Mahamood Soomro to the media at the Jamia Islamia of Larkana, he said that the PDM cannot accept exempting the CEPC Authority from accountability. He said that this is an unconstitutional government and the PDM has determined to send the PTI government home. He said the PDM is united not to allow the dictatorial forces play more with the nation. He said that if the Sindh government agreed to probe Captain Safdar, his arrest was the domain of the Sindh government. Whether Sindh accepts the inquiry report or not, logic says those responsible for arresting Captain Safdar holding the inquiry is not understandable.He said that he fought against martial law all his life. This will increase and exacerbate. He said that both Lahore and Karachi FIRs were registered by the absconding PTI men. He said that incompetent government of PTI had destroyed the economy, which affected everyone in the country. He said that the PDM is fighting for the welfare of the people of Pakistan. The public rally of PDM on 25th in Quetta will be like Gujranwala and Karachi rallies, it would be a referendum against the ‘fake PTI’ government. He said that the PDM is a movement for the restoration of people’s democratic rights as well as the rule of law.To a question, he said that it was wrong to say that Nawaz Sharif was not allowed to make a speech in the Karachi’s PDM rally. No one can stop him from speech if he desired. He said that the PDM will not postpone its public rally and providing security to PDM public rally is the responsibility of salaried personnel and if they do not, then for security, his volunteers will provide security. He said that the Sindh Police responded unilaterally, while this situation can arise all over the country if they intervened in the jurisdictions of institutions. He said that parents of missing people have been a constant problem for over two decades. If missing persons are guilty, why not bring them to a court of law. He said that through rigging, the decision of the nation as a whole has been changed to minority in the general election. Anchors speaking the truth were being victimized and being forced to dissociate themselves from channels. That’s is why they used YouTube channels. He said the PDM believes in the freedom of expression.To a question, he said that the manifesto of each party says that children’s education should be in regional language. He asked from the federal ministers of PTI not to talk about their corruption, foreign funding, BRT and chairman CEPC. He said that since 2001, accountability of the politicians is continuing to defame them but others were exempted. He said that the PTI wanted an NRO not the opposition. He said that the freedom march was an event of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam and rest of the parties welcomed his march and joined the event.He said that foreign policy is successful when the economic situation is good, however, the economic situation of the country is poor. He said that PTI takes U-turn from mega-projects to micro-projects and through CEPC gets chickens for eggs.


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