An emergent meeting of the Core Committee of the Punjab University Council of Professionals (PU – CoPs) was held to discuss the prevailing fluid situation of the University. The members of the core committee expressed their great concern about the proposed restructuring plan of the university. The plan was being taken without proper consultation and developing consensus among the faculty members and in some cases even without following the proper academic channels like Board of Facultyand Board of Studies.The proposed plan lacks any uniform criterion or rationale for creation of various faculties, Schools Centres and departments. The plan also does not provide the financial impact on the University resources following the plan including SNEs for the proposed faculties, Schools, centres and departments. The proposed plan would lead into practical and financial crisis if taken without proper and exhaustive homework at faculty level and considering the financial implications. As the University is under financial stress due to cut in aid from HEC, decline in examination fees and affiliations of colleges.The hastay decisions may lead to temporary and short-term arrangements which are prone to be reversed back afterwards.
The meeting strongly critised the subservient role of PUASA in this far reaching plan being taken by the University administration. The ASA must have called the General Body meeting on this very emergnt issue to raise the concerns of the faculty before the administration. Unfortunately being his master ‘s voice the incumbent ASA has least bothered for the good of the faculty and the University. The puppet ASA leadership has comprised the University’ interst for securing personal gains and bargains in this proposed restructuring plan.
The members were of the view that restructuring of the university is itself of immense importance with far reaching consequences and any hasty decisions in this regard may lead to various academic issues.
There is a need to focus on strengthening the existing structure and production of quality education in Punjab University before going for restructuring of the University. The CoPs demanded extensive academic debate on this very vital issue before taking the right
The proposed plan of restructuring is going to bring very serious issues of Academic, Financial and Administrative issues.The proposed plan of creating 6 new Faculties, and around 100 new Departments, Centres and Institute are being created.
Departments 49
Centres 25
Institutes 12
School 5
Faculties 6

PVC with heavy fnancial impact.Simlarly in non teaching side there are lot of seats of grade 20, 19 , 18 and 17 are being created which is going to burden the University with heavy Financial implications. For example Posts of Director Media of grade 20 and additional Director media garde 19, Senior Public Relations Officer garde 18 and Public Relations Officer grade 17 are being created. Similarly grade 19 post of senior protocol officer is being created.The issues of created such a mega level of creating teaching departments, centers and institutes will has problems for issue of Academic nature relating to establishing level of teaching and especially in the case of existing Assiciate Degree programme , what types of subjects and at what level will be taught at those newly created teaching departments i.e. Graduate, Post Graduate etc.Furthermore how the Board of Studies and their syllabus will come into effect and how their prerequisite will be met is another big question.
On Academic out put side , it is really matter of great concern that proposed nomenclature of new departments are aligned with market needs and how the graduates will be hired by the markets and what will be the fate of issuance of degrees issues by these departments and issue of standardisation with HEC will be dealt with and what will be the market value. Similarly with such an mass level creation of new posts will ultimately bring heavy burden on University resources. There will be need of new buildings, Transport supporting staff , salaries, pensions etc and other benefits.


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