Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Kensington abode is currently under ‘review’ over having alleged historic ties to the slave trade.

The investigation is being led by television historian Lucy Worsley and among other historical landmarks, Kensington Palace, the Tower of London and Hampton Court are included.

Worsley opened up about the dark past of the historical slave trade during her interview with the Times. There she was even quoted saying, “Anything to do with the Stuarts is going to have an element of money derived from slavery within it. Queen Anne’s really interesting because there’s one view of her which is that she brought the nation together and she made it successful.”

“There’s another view, which is that she made it the most successful slave-trading nation in the world and that it was only a coming together if you were a white, well-off bloke.”

This BBC led inquest has been prompted by the BLM movement and according to Ms Worsley, the UK is “ahead of the game.” Since “We’ve been thinking really hard and planning all sorts of changes. The time has come. We’re behind. We haven’t done well enough.”


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