PM Imran wants debt write-off for developing nations due to coronavirus

PM Imran

Coronavirus shattering economies-PM Imran

PM Imran Khan called on the international community to write off the debts of vulnerable countries, such as Pakistan, as he believes that the coronavirus may shatter the economies of developing countries.

PM Imran passed the remarks in an interview with the Associated Presswire service in Islamabad on Monday.

“My worry is poverty and hunger. The world community has to think of some sort of a debt write-off for countries like us, which are very vulnerable, at least that will help us in coping with [the coronavirus],” PM Imran told AP.

The premier feared that if Pakistan sees a serious outbreak then his government’s efforts to revive the economy may go down the drain. He added that he feared that such consequences would be faced by every developing nation.

“It’s not just Pakistan. I would imagine the same in India, in the subcontinent, in African countries. If it spreads, we will all have problems with our health facilities. We just don’t have that capability. We just don’t have the resources,” PM Imran was quoted by AP.

The prime minister’s fears regarding the coronavirus came after the number of confirmed cases in the country jumped to 183 on Monday. The federal government has been struggling to respond to the crisis and has been criticised by the provinces for a lack of support to them.


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