Lahore, December 03:

IRCRA with collaboration of USIP organized a three day capacity building workshop titled “Role of Religious Media in Countering Hate material And Promotion of Peace” at a private hotel on Thursday which was attended by religious scholars, editors, journalists, representatives of Islamic center and social activists while the workshop was conducted in complying with the SOPs.

Provincial Minister HR&MA Ijaz Alam Augustine

The provincial minister HR&MA Ijaz Alam Augustine attended concluding session of workshop. During the three-day workshop, Maulana Muhammad Asim Makhdoom, Chairman of the all Board of Masalak Ulema, called for unity for professional harmony at the social level, while Allama Tahmeed Jan Azhari urged the youth to promote peaceful rhetoric. Talking about research and requirements, he said that we have to move forward to eliminate hate culture among all.

Addressing the concluding session of the workshop, Provincial Minister Ejaz Alam Augustine said that the services of the International Research for Religious Tolerance are commendable while such forums provide an opportunity for dialogue, reduction of hatreds and understanding of each other. He said we all have to use all energies to present the peaceful and bright face of Pakistan. Speaking at the workshop, Israr Madani, head of the International Research Council, said that leaders of all schools of thought have decided that hate speech and writing is illegal and unlawful, so we have to take these declarations to the lower level of the society.

Allama Jawad Naqvi appealed to the young writers to form their opinion on the basis of argument and play a role in establishing professional relations by highlighting the importance of social and societal diversity and to reducing the Shia-Sunni conflicts and promoting dialogue and peaceful atmosphere.

Sahibzada Amanat Rasool, Editor-in-Chief, spoke on the importance of magazines and its positive role in society, role of religious magazines in religious harmony and tolerance, while Mubashir Rizvi of Research Society for International Law spoke on international and national law, said hate speech is against the law, whether it is in Western countries or ours.


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