Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday condemned the recent attack on a Peshawar madressah where eight were killed and more than 100 injured.

“The attack on a madressah is [an act of] enmity towards Islam,” said the army chief during his visit to the Upper Dir Malakand division. The army chief directed troops to remain vigilant as incidents of terrorism continue to rise over the past couple of days.

“On December 16, 2014, the enemy targeted children in the APS massacre,”said the army chief. “On October 27, the enemy targeted innocent children of a madressah,” he said.

Gen Bajwa credited the nation for “rejecting the narrative of the militants” by showing exemplary unity, adding that the masses stood united today with the same enthusiasm and resolve.

“We were united in grief yesterday, and the same is the case today,” he said. “The enemy was the same yesterday and the enemy remains the same today.”

The army chief said he had arrived in the area to demonstrate unity and share the grief of the innocent children of the madressah who had been martyred in the bomb blast.

“We will not rest until we bring terrorists and their facilitators to their logical conclusion,” said the army chief, adding that the militants’ aim was to spread terror and ensure an atmosphere of fear prevailed across the country.

Gen Bajwa said that educational institutions, innocent civilians and law enforcement agencies’ personnel were the main targets of the militants. He said that Pakistan had expressed its resolve for a peaceful Afghanistan, cautioning Afghan refugees to stay away from terrorists.

“Afghan refugees will have to stay alert regarding militants so they are not used, knowingly or unknowingly, in any terrorist incident,” said Gen Bajwa.

The army chief later paid a visit to the Lady Reading Hospital where victims of the bomb blast are being treated. He inquired after their health during the tour of the hospital.


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