Meera 2.0

Meera is one of those rare artists who has outlived the standard shelf life of an actress. The moment it is perceived that she is down, you find her back in the game, shining on the big screen with an army of young artists.

The moment you think that Meera’s magic has fizzled out, with time, she proves you wrong by sharing on social media a glamorous avatar of hers from the previous night’s party where she is seen hobnobbing with the likes of Jacqueline Fernandez and the power towers of fashion in the Middle East. She is Meera and she is certainly here to stay.

One has to give it to her for being a constant fighter. She is trying to fit in by constantly posting on social media and keeping her fans updated and entertained. Where her contemporaries have long bid farewell to the film industry, she refuses to stop and feels she has a lot more to offer.

“After a long break, when I finally went on the sets of Baaji, there was a different kind of a rush in my body. I felt if I had come home. I had the best team working with me and it was none other than Saqib Malik’s dream project. After years I had worked in something meaningful; as if my life had a new purpose. I was assured that I will not be exploited. All my energies were dedicated for the film. I think I am the only actress from that era who has worked with a new team following the new rules of the game. Social media, promotional tours, PR and multiplexes were not a thing when we were doing back to back films decades ago. I enjoyed the process and I feel that Baaji has injected new energy in me. And I can’t wait to go back to the sets.”

Earlier this month, she was hospitalized and had just undergone a major surgery. She feels that incident has been a life changing experience. “I had gone through a painful surgery in Dubai and I was recommended complete bed rest for a month but my doctors were surprised to see that I was up and running in two weeks time. It was an eye opener for me. I realized that your health is everything and you must give it due importance. I had been shooting for a year and I kept on hiding my deteriorating health from everyone as I did not want to take any chances; I wanted to cause no hiccups for the production. But the situation got aggravated and I landed in the hospital.”

She further added: “I came across a strange reality during my time in hospital. For the first time, I completed Qura’n with meaning and it has given me unexplainable strength. I recognized the fact that there were only handful of people that stood by me when I was struggling for life. For most of the people, whom you call friends – it did not matter at all. The two pillars who stood by me were Captain Naveed and my dear friend Raza Beig and I am back to life because of them. At this stage of my life, I am not worried about my finances but all I look for is someone who shows concern if you are not well, someone who enquires with the doctor about ‘when will I be fine?’ and someone who prays for you unconditionally. These two gentlemen have brought be back to life. From the industry I am thankful to Frieha Altaf, Amna Ilyas and Saqib Malik for their concern as well.”

She counts Raza Beig, who is the CEO of Splash Fashion in the Middle East as her close friend and a ‘genuine’ well-wisher. She recently created quite a splash on the internet when she attended a fashion show in Dubai where she was spotted with Jacqueline Fernandez who is the new brand ambassador after Katrina Kaif. When asked to share details of her conversations with Jacqueline, she said that Raza introduced them. “We started chatting about our films and Dubai in general. She asked me the names of my projects and enquired if Baaji is going to be released on Netflix. She was extremely cordial and lively as she is known to be.”

According to Meera, she had taken some time off after the release of her last film as she had a lot to attend to including her tax related issues in the USA. Her health is getting better now and she is not ill anymore. “I would like to request every woman to go and get herself checked every few months. Our bodies are very complex and the moment you spot any signs which are not normal, you must consult a doctor. Hiding it will only make it worse.”

Sharing her future plans she mentioned that she has three things to focus on. “Now that I am stable and geared up, I have to work on completing my hospital trip. I have also received two scripts which I plan to discuss once I am back. And lastly, Captain and I are also planning to host our reception next year. I can’t wait to be back in action.”

Instep wishes her health and all the luck for her endeavors.

– Sadiq Saleem is a Dubai based Instep correspondent & can be contacted on

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